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მისასალმებელი სიტყვა

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Turkey.

For both Georgia and the region as a whole, Turkey is a very important country. This is determined not only by modern political dynamics of the region, but also by historical and geographic factors. Turkey first recognized Georgia&rsquo s independence in 1921, just before the Soviet occupation, and then in 1992, right after the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Nowadays, the independence of countries is very much determined by the degree of their interdependence and mutual respect of national interests. This is even more obvious in the case of neighboring nations. The recent history of Georgian-Turkish relationship is an excellent case study for neighbors how to become strong allies and partners in terms of political, economic and military cooperation.

Turkey is among friendly countries openly supporting Georgia&rsquo s territorial integrity in internationally recognized borders and its aspiration to join European and Euro-Atlantic institutions (NATO, EU). Our nations enjoy fruitful cooperation in order to contribute to regional security, stability and prosperity. Construction of regional and transcontinental oil and gas pipelines, hydro-energy stations and a railway line is a best example of it. For me it is a special honour that I had the opportunity to contribute modestly in promotion of those projects while working as the Deputy Chief of the Mission in Ankara back to 2006-2010.

Today, my official duty as an Ambassador is much greater honour and greater responsibility in the country that is Georgia&rsquo s largest trade partner. I do hope to contribute further in strengthening of those bilateral relations since I begun my tenure as Georgian Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey starting from July 18, 2013.

Last but not least, my special priority that I will keep high on the agenda is related to the project aiming at the restoration of the unique cultural heritage of world importance that Georgia and Turkey share today. The main component of it is the rehabilitation and the revival of centuries-old architectural monuments of Georgian origin located in Turkey. The degree of friendship between two peoples and the good will of the governments provide a solid basis to make this project a success story.

I do hope that the web-site and supporting links provided would assist in updating you on main developments and dynamics in Georgia-Turkish relationship.

Any queries sent to the contacts indicated on this website are welcome. We shall respond to all your questions and appeals in the shortest time possible. And with gratitude we shall focus on all comments that may enhance Embassy activities and improve our efforts in duly representing Georgia in the host country.

Let me assure you that it would be a great privilege for me as well as for the whole team of the Embassy to do our best, within our competence, to provide any requested assistance to you, citizens of Georgia and both historic and current diaspora living in Turkey.

Thank you for visiting this web-site, and please accept my best regards.


George Janjghava

Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of Turkey