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Relations Between Georgia and the Republic of Albania

Chronology of Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic relations between Georgia and the Republic of Albania were established on 8 July 1993. Georgia diplomatically covers the Republic of Albania since 1October 2006, through the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Turkey.

Georgian Ambassadors to Albania (with residence in Ankara):

  • Irakli Koplatadze (10.06.2013 - to date)
  • Tariel Lebanidze (01.01.2009 - 01.09.2012)
  • Grigol Mgaloblishvili (2006 - 2008)

Albanian Ambassadors to Georgia (with residence in Ankara):

  • Neritan Kolgjini, Charge d'Affairs - ( since October, 2006)
  • Jonuz Begaj - (22.01.2003 - October, 2006);
  • Shaqir Vukaj - (12.10.1998 - 22.01.2003);
  • Arben Cici (termination of mission 12.10.1998).

Fields of Cooperation

Bilateral relations between the two countries are not so active; however, cooperation within the international organizations is successful.

At the same time, two International Agreements are signed between Georgia and Albania that regulate cooperation between the foreign agencies of the two countries and the visa-free travel issues for diplomatic and official passport holders.

In addition, sharing experience regarding successful reforms in the field of Justice represents the significant direction of Georgia-Albanian cooperation.

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