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Relations between Georgia and the Republic of Turkey

Chronology of Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic relations between Georgia and the Republic of Turkey were established on May 21, 1992.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of Georgia to the Republic of Turkey:

  • Giorgi Janjghava- 03.10.2018- to date.
  • Irakli Koplatadze – 15.06.2013 – 01.10.2018
  • Zurab Pataradze – 15.10.2012 – 01.03.2013
  • Tariel Lebanidze – 01.01.2009 – 01.09.2012
  • Grigol Mgaloblishvili – 15.10.2004 – 02.11.2008
  • Tariel Lebanidze – 30.09.1998 – 15.10.2004
  • Nodar Komakhidze – 1994 – 1997

Consuls General in Istanbul:

  • Inga Kikvadze 05.06. 2017 -to date
  • Irakli Asashvili – 15.10.2012 – 01.05. 2017
  • Zurab Pataradze – 04.01.2011 – 15.10.2012
  • Teimuraz Sharashenidze – 01.10.2009 – 01.01.2011
  • Zviad Kvachantiradze – 01.12.2004 – 01.10.2009
  • Teimuraz Sharashenidze – 30.03.1998 – 01.08.2004

Consuls General in Trabzon:

  • Avtandil Mikatsadze – 03.09.2014 – to date
  • Paata Kalandadze – 15.10.2010 – 16.05.2014
  • Irakli Asashvili – 03.03.2012 – 15.10.2012
  • Avtandil Mikatsadze – 01.02.2007 – 01.02.2012
  • Nikoloz Gogitidze – 23.08.2004 – 01.03.2007
  • George Janjghava – 05.04.1994 – 23.08.2004

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of the Republic of Turkey to Georgia:

  • Zeki Levent Gümrükçü – 20.02.2014 – to date
  • Levent Murat Burhan – 2009 – 2014
  • Ertan Tezgor – 2004 – 2009
  • Dijle kopuzi – 2002 – 2004
  • Burak Gürsel – 1998 – 2002
  • Upuk tevpik okiauzi – 1994 – 1998
  • Ahmed Riza Demirer – 1993 – 1994
  • Timuchin arbaki - Charge d'Affairs – 1992

Consuls General of Turkey in Batumi:

  • Yassin temizkani – 08.09.2014 - to date
  • Kazim Çavusoglu – 2006 – 2011

Fields of Cooperation

Cooperation between Georgia and Turkey has a strategic nature and is successfully developing in political, as well as the trade-economic, cultural and humanitarian fields.

Existing contractual and legislative base includes 76 agreements between the two countries and regulates almost all areas of cooperation.

Exchange of visits is active on both executive, as well as of legislative levels.

Citizens of the two countries can benefit from the simplified regime of travel on the basis of IDs.

Turkey is the largest trading partner of Georgia, with whom a free trade regime exists. Private Sector of Turkey is one of the largest investors in Georgian economy. In addition, Georgia is interested in increasing exports on Turkish market.

The energy projects implemented with the joint efforts of Georgia and Turkey shall be mentioned. Such projects are the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline. Active cooperation for the implementation of southern energy corridor projects and for the realization of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project successfully continues. It is important, that in 2013 the Akhaltsikhe-borchkas high-voltage transmission line was completed and is functioning, which gives new opportunities for electricity trade.

The trilateral format of Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey is an important political mechanism, which was initiated in 2012 by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs ("Trabzon Declaration"). The trilateral mechanism also covers cooperation formats at the presidential level, between parliamentary committees on foreign relations and defense Ministers.

There is also the practice of conducting the trilateral business forums.

Georgia-Turkey’s relations were raised to higher level with the establishment of the new format of cooperation – High Level Strategic Cooperation Council. The first meeting of the format was held in Ankara, on 19 July, 2016, at the level of the Prime-Ministers. Within the frames of the meeting “Ankara Statement” was signed, which reflects the main directions of the cooperation between Georgia and Turkey.

The mentioned countries have been successfully cooperating in the field of education. On 9 September, 2014, the Ministry of National Education of Turkey approved learning program “Teaching Georgian language in Turkey’s public and private schools for 2014-2016 years”, offered by the initiative group of Georgian Diaspora in Turkey. This program provides 244-hour course of Georgian language in Turkey’s secondary schools, for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, if there are ten and more students willing to attend the course.   

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George Janjghava

Date of Birth: July 24, 1965
Place of Birth: Tbilisi, Georgia

2018 Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of Turkey
2018 Representative of Georgia to the Organization of Islamic Corporation (OIC) -
(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
2014 – 2018 Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman and the Republic of Yemen - (Riyadh, Saudi
2013 – 2014 Charge d’Affaires of Georgia to Ireland - (Dublin, Ireland)
2009 – 2013 Ambassador of Georgia to the Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic
Republic of Pakistan - (Tehran, Iran)
2006 – 2009 Ambassador of Georgia to the Arabic Republic of Egypt and Syrian Arab
Republic - (Cairo, Egypt)
2004 – 2005 Research Fellow, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International
Studies - (Tbilisi, Georgia)
1994 – 2004 Consul-General of Georgia to the R ep u b l ic of Turkey - (Trabzon, Turkey)
1993 – 1994 Head of the State Protocol to the President of Georgia
1992 – 1993 State Adviser on Foreign Relations, State Council of Georgia
1990 Visiting Researcher
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
University of London, UK.

1989 – 1992 Research Fellow/Lecturer
Department of Economic and Social Geography
Faculty of Geography and Geology

Tbilisi State University
Post-Graduate Researcher
Department of Economic and Social Geography
Tbilisi State University, Georgia

1982 – 1988 Diploma with Honors in Economic and Social Geography
Department of Economic and Social Geography
Faculty of Geography and Geology
Tbilisi State University, Georgia.

1986 – 1987 Pre-Diploma Studies
Cairo University
Arabic Republic of Egypt

Marital Status:
Married with three children

Occupied Territories of Georgia

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